Block types

There are several types of tile blocks in Snayke, each serving a different purpose. They all use the same tile graphic, but their colors are unique enough to still easily distinguish them.

Obstacle blocks

The first is the 'obstacle' block. Running into one will kill you as surely as running into your tail will. They're slighly translucent, which helps make them look like they're part of the scene rather than just holes in the background.

Food block

The food block is a staple for any game in the Snake genre. Consuming (running into) it will increase the length of a snake's tail by 4 blocks. The only way to beat a level is to destroy (consume) all of the food blocks. In classic mode, consuming food will increase your score and create a new block at a random location.

Portal blocks

Portal blocks will teleport a snake from one end to the other, destroying the portals in the process. Portal connections are indicated by a line and a moving block between each end.

Bomb block

When touched, bombs destroy every non-snake block in a 5x5 tile square around them. While useful for getting rid of obstacles or "consuming" food without increasing the size of your snake, accidentally destroying certain blocks at the wrong time might make it more difficult or even impossible to complete a level.

Slow block

The 'slow' block slows down the entire game for several seconds, making it easier to navigate through tricky situations. I think it has the least utility out of the current block types, but it can still create interesting situations.

Reverse block

The reverse block will completely flip the direction of the snake which touched it. On its own it's not very interesting, but combined with obstacles and other gameplay mechanics it can create pretty unique ways to complete levels.. or accidentally kill yourself. :)

I have had a few other ideas for block types, but most have significant overlap with the current blocks and I want to try to keep the functionality of every block as separate as possible.

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