About Snayke

Snayke is an action-puzzle computer game inspired by the classic arcade title Snake. Take control of a snakelike creature to navigate around obstacles and collect food in over 100 levels!


Snayke's deceptively simple gameplay progresses in complexity, providing a challenging yet fun experience for even the most seasoned arcade players. The traditional rules of the snake genre hold true: you cannot slow down or stop, and consuming food increases the length of your tail, making it more difficult to avoid crashing. Combined with close-quarters action, unique block types, and challenging design, Snayke's levels require quick thinking and quicker reflexes.

For those who appreciate a more relaxing environment or want competitive snake-on-snake local multiplayer action, the game includes Classic mode for a traditional arcade-style experience. High scores are automatically saved in solo games, letting you one-up your previous records to your heart's content.

Level editor exampleExample level

A few features...

  • Over 100 levels
  • Multiple block types including teleporters, bombs, and more
  • Completion-time records in all levels. Challenge yourself by replaying levels to beat your previous record
  • "Classic" game mode with optional 2-4 player local multiplayer and AI bots
  • Several game speeds in both level and classic mode
  • Built-in level editor. Create your own levels and share them with friends!
  • Replay functionality to save your best (or worst) moments
  • DRM-free!
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Classic mode

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